Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Eat Clean Train Dirty....and so it begins!

So I don’t blog often. It bores me and saps my bodily juices of creativity that I normally savour for:

A: the kitchen (as a self-confessed Masterchef)

B:  the bedroom (as an often highly acclaimed Pornstar);  

C:  my hunt for the next crazy arse pain inducing adrenalin fix

(Note: at least two of the above comments are a lie).

But, here I find myself, on the end of a keyboard tapping away, letting rip, juicing away!

A lot has gone on since my last blog. Been electrocuted, carved up by ice, nearly avalanched, almost blown off Beachy Head cliffs, eyeballed a shark,  smashed a few mountains, smashed a few Sambuca’s , almost smashed a sheep.  

So what’s next? Well I’m starting a new health programme with my boot camp known as “Eat Clean, Train Dirty”. Not rocket science, just eat clean non-processed healthy foods and train as hard as your body will allow without breaking it. Simples.

The goal is six weeks to turn this slightly flabby relatively fit exoskeleton into a lean mean running burpeeing machine. So for the next six weeks it’s no booze, no takeaways, no sugar, no crap. Basically, if you were to mentally paint of picture of everything you like to eat as a treat, cross it off the list! Except for sheep…they are still allowed but only if you cook them first.

On the list are anything that grows, especially if it’s green, except marijuana, anything bloody with four legs, chickens (result), stuff that grows on trees, things that live in the sea (except Whales, whales are definitely not included. Nor penguins, too cute.) and finally anything that looks like water, tastes like water and basically, IS water!

It starts tonight, so in preparation I have gorged myself on shit for three days. Weighing in this morning at an all-time great of 73kg my goal is simple. Be strong in the head, work hard, eat clean, encourage others and just do your best!

I’ll be recording everything I eat plus all my exercise (except sex as the calorific loss is negligable) and I’ll be logging and blogging once a week, probably, if I can be arsed. So, if you’re not interested. Do one and go and eat a cream bun.J

Have fun, good luck and love to all the EcTd team, especially my training partner Mrs S xx

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  1. Eat clean, train dirty - bring it on next week Mr Small!